Laser Machine with vision camera for auto positionning label cutting


The video camera recording system recognize image and then the machine cut label, computerized embroidery or printing with accuracy and promptly.

You can earn 10 to 20% on working time instead of manual cutting. This cutting machine will respond to your expectations and can be integrated to embroidery or printing factory.
 Label cutting by laser with auto positionning
Technical features
  • Working size table : 90 x 60cm
  • Laser power : 30-150W
  • Cutting speed : 30 m/min
  • Cameraaccuracy : 0,02 mm
  • Computer with vision camera software
  • Power supply : 220V
  • Size : 130 x 109 x 125 cm
Software to use the machine + editing image are provide with the laser machine.
1 year warranty expect for laser tube and lens
Delivery / installation / training / after sales service are provide
Non metal materials:
textile, leather, paper, clothes, glass, acrylic, bamboo, wood...
Applicable industry :
Clothes and garment cutting labels - computerized embroidery, templates,
Exemples de découpe d'écusson au laser