DRAWings 6 : the best embroidery software


DRAWings 6 is a multi-functional and easy to use software with customizable interface. It is designed to be used for graphics designing, textile and screen printing, embroidery, and also computerized quilting. You can also mix all features to do an unique combined result !

DRAWings 6 is compatible with Windows® 7 and all vector based graphics programs like CorelDRAW X6, X5, X4 and X3

This make DRAWings 6 a software ideal for different business areas such as:

  • Embroidery digitizing
  • Crystal/Rhinestone designing
  • Crafting and Cutting
  • Graphics designing
  • Computerized quilting
  • Digital garment printing
  • Textile printing (Heat transfer printing)


We can teach you how to use all drawings possibilities !


Create your embroidery from an image or your imagination. Then do the work sequence for the machine, net fill stitch : 

Embroidery design with drawings 6


See the resume of your embroidery and use it to do a quote for your customer : 

Drawings 6 resume for embroidery


DRAWings 6 can create design with a large choice of Crystals/Rhinestones with different shape, color, size... It can be combined with embroidery

Drawings 6 with crystal design


At least you can load your design for direct garment printing or heat transfer printing with drawings 6

heat transfer printing on drawings 6