Discover a large choice of cutting and engraving laser machines


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We work with an Asian leader manufacturer for cutting and engraving CO2 laser machine on metal and non metal materials. Their products are sold worlwide and got CE certification.  They used components from Germany, USA, Japan to provide the best quality.

Avantages of engraving, cutting with a laser machine :


Cutting or laser engraving is safe and accurate

It does not damage the product because there is no need to block with pliers, there is no friction.


Better quality than a mecanic engraving

Edges are smooth and the details are very thin (1 mm).


Fast marking or cutting  : 32 to 64m per minute and permanent

The mark will not dispear during the product's life


Friendly to use machine, compatible with all vector format


Laser machines are cheaper than before and can be bought by small companies


Laser machines are multi functions, multi materials and multi size

Options :
  • up and down working table
  • cylinder with rotation
  • automatic roll feeder