Small cutting engraving machine 30x40cm with cheap price


This CO2 laser machine is great to start customization of products.

Easy to use like a printer, you just sent the design and the laser do a clean and fast cut on thight product like textile, leather, jean, acrylic, bamboo, galss.. You can also engrave pictures with lot of details.

This small machine can be moved to another place easily.


 Small cutting and engraving laser machine




Technical features :
  • Laser power: 25 to 40W
  • Working size: 40 × 30cm
  • Engraving speed: 42 m/min
  • Line width: 0.02mm
  • Power supply: 220V
  • Size: 73 × 66 × 47cm
  • USB data transfer
  • Weight: 45Kg
  • User guide
Software to use the machine + editing image are provide with the laser machine.
1 year warranty expect for laser tube and lens
Delivery / installation / training / after sales service are provide
Non metal materials:
textile, leather, paper, clothes, glass, acrylic, bamboo...
Applicable industry :
Clothes and garment, cutting labels - computerized embroidery, templates, advertisement, decoration, art, craft, packaging, printing, toys, paper...
Acrylic                                                                        Clothes
                 Acrylic engraving                           Laser cutting on clothes                               
  Leather                                                                        Jeans

Laser engraving on leather                          Laser engraving on jean