Laser marking machine like photo on clothes


The high speed vibrating lens allows to marks images with high definition photos on jeans, leather...


The laser marking is clear, precise and lasts over time. Personnalize each leather bags, clothes... and make them unique. The working size area start from 30 x 30 to 80 x 80 cm with a laser power at 30 to 100W.
Marquage sur jean et cuir avec machine laser
Technical feature
  • Working size area : 30 x 30 à 80 x 80cm
  • Laser power : 30-100W
  • Engraving speed : 36 m/min
  • Minimale width line : 0,5mm
  • Deepness : <1 mm
  • Power supply : 220V
  • Size : 148 x 53 x 133 cm
  • User manual


Software to use the machine + editing image are provide with the laser machine.
1 year warranty expect for laser tube and lens
Delivery / installation / training / after sales service are provide
Non metal materials: jeans, leather, fur, acrylic, wood, plexiglass...

Applicable industry : Clothes and garment, package, beverage
Laser marking on jeans

Laser marking on jeans   Laser marking on jeans