Laser marking machine on metal - plastic


This laser metal marking machine allows you to engrave your logo, company name, designs, datamatrix, lot code... without compromising material integrity.

The marking is intemporal, clear and can be used on high production. You can also do on-demand personalization

Machine laser pour marquage sur metal et plasitque
Technical features :
  • Working size area : 30 x 30cm
  • Laser frequency : 20-100KHz
  • Engraving speed : 7m/min
  • Accuracy : 0,002mm
  • Depth : 0,5mm
  • Line width : 0,02mm
  • Power supply : 220V
  • Gross power : <650W
  • Weight : 127kg
  • Size : 70 x 90 x 138 cm
  • Guide d'utilisation
Software to use the machine + editing image are provide with the laser machine.
1 year warranty expect for laser tube and lens
Delivery / installation / training / after sales service are provide
Metal materials: metal, plastic, watch
Applicable industry : Electronic, metal tools, watches, serial number and brand name on products...
Exemples de marquage au laser sur marteau, métal, puce électronique, protection en plastique - Add on textile