Fast cutting and engraving laser machine - PN 6040 to 1910


This CO2 laser machine is the ideal solution for developing corporate identity items and promotional products.


Her versatility and flexibility processing allows you to mass-produce corporate logos and messaging and also process custom jobs as needed. You can work a wiedly range of kind of product and start or improve your business of personalization. In fact on-demand personalization has become very popular and laser engraving is a great way to generate additional revenue and higher margins.

Working size table : 60 x 40cm to 190 x 100 cm.
Cutting and marking laser machine

Technical features

  • Laser power : 30-150W
  • Engraving speed : 64 m/min
  • Cutting speed: 36 m/min
  • Minimum character size : 1x1mm
  • Resolution : <= 4000dpi
  • Power supply : 220V AC +-10%, 50Hz
  • Accuracy : < 0,05mm
  • USB data transfer
  • options : up and down working table, cylindar, 2 heads, roll feeder...


Software to use the machine + editing image are provide with the laser machine.
1 year warranty expect for laser tube and lens
Delivery / installation / training / after sales service are provide
Non metal materials:
textile, leather, paper, clothes, glass, acrylic, bamboo, stone, wood, ceramic...
Applicable industry :
Clothes and garment, cutting labels - computerized embroidery, templates, advertisement, decoration, art, craft, packaging, printing, toys, paper, modelism...


             Jeans                                                Leather                                    Wood
Cutting engraving with laser on jeans, leather, wood
              Tiles                                                                          Acrylic      
Acrylic cutting and engraving